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Monday, July 16, 2012


It’s so easy to find ourselves far away from true connection to the freedom given through God’s grace.  How quickly we can move from a place of being settled in God’s grace to striving to earn it. Indeed, I often fall into the trap of striving to prove to God that He made a good choice when He chose me. I become utterly exhausted from performing before I know it. 

Maybe it’s just me, but isn’t it funny how a mindset can gradually creep in and take residence in your heart without your realizing it? Only when we truly stand in His presence are we able to realize the difference. As my heart cries to God, asking Him to “let freedom settle in me”, I begin to let go of me. Only then do I realize how far away I have drifted from dancing in the freedom of His grace. 

There is a true and authentic beauty that is only derived when we are settled in our freedom in Christ. Our intimacy with Him deepens. Our countenance relaxes. Our gait softens and is less hurried. We are more compassionate. Our words are more calm, sincere, and edifying. We are better listeners, friends, spouses. We are no longer judging ourselves or others in our own internal courts. We are at rest. But most of all – we receive God’s grace when we are living in the truest form of freedom that we find only in Him. 

God is faithful to remind us that the freedom we find in Him is always there for us to receive…always. We simply have to accept it. Receiving God’s grace is not something I’m especially good at most of the time.  But when I let go of me, I can dance with an unabandoned heart, as it receives the freedom given by the One who holds it.

Now, go out there and dance.  Freedom rocks. 

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Anonymous said...

Amazing Grace, how sweet it is.

Thank you again for sharing from your heart and touching lives through your blog.
Love you,