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Thursday, June 19, 2008

In The Beginning...

For a while now, I have had this annoying recurring thought: “Hey, I could blog about this.”

I read lots of blogs. I think I'm addicted. So why not cross over to the other side?

This first post is awkward. It sort of feels like a weird blind date.

Blind Date: Should I tell him about my two yippy dogs and my cooky mother yet?*
First Blog: Should I get vulnerable about how God is breaking and transforming me?

Blind Date: Will he ever call me again?
First Blog: Will they ever read this again?

Blind Date: What if we don't have anything in common?
First Blog: Will the person reading this relate to what I'm writing?

Blind Date: What will I wear?
First Blog: Is my layout catchy enough?


I'm trying not to be nervous and to remember to take deep breaths. Hyperventilating on the first date is just not cute.

My goal for this blog is simply to share random thoughts about God, ministry, and life in general. I promise to be real and honest about God and the work He is doing in my life -- the whole journey, and not just the pretty parts. I'll get vulnerable and share some ugly stuff, too. Overall, I want to focus on God's grace in my life. That's why I chose the name "In Fields of Grace". My prayer is that both you and I will be encouraged by it.

Thanks for reading!

*My mother is not cooky. OK, well, maybe a little. But she is hilarious, wise, and she has instilled godly values in me that have shaped the woman I am becoming. I am proud to call her my "Momma"! I love you, Mom!


Anonymous said...

I've found blogging to be a release I can hardly imagine living without. I LOVE it...when I'm mad, happy, upset, or any other emotion you can think of. I really enjoy reading your writing, as God has blessed you with an ability to express yourself very well through text. I look forward to reading this. I love you!

livininlb said...

Yes, keep up the blogging. I am reading it and connecting! Great work.