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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Because I Care About You...

Hello again. I lost my voice for a while. But I’m back now, and I can't wait to break it down and share my journey with you.  But let's start here first.  

Please take a few minutes to watch this.

So here’s the thing. As the video explains, this isn’t about fear. It’s about awareness. It only takes a few minutes to have a skin exam at your dermatologist. Just a few minutes, once a year. And nearly all insurance plans cover the cost. And if yours doesn’t, then email me and I’ll help you find a doctor who will examine you. I’m serious about that. Because I care about you that much.

Why? Because all from one tiny mole on my leg, my life changed. With one single word … "malignant". And I never, ever want you to go through this.

If you think malignant melanoma is always some simple thing that can be sliced off in your dermatologist’s office, you’re wrong. I thought so, too … so I waited longer than I should have.

This picture is the reality of late Stage 2 Melanoma.

I lost a piece of my leg. And this 8 inch scar is only half of my story, because there is another one on my abdomen similar to this one from the surgery to remove lymph nodes.

This is serious business. Don’t put it off like I did. Be aware, and be proactive. Call a dermatologist and make an appointment for a checkup now. Right now.

Go. Please, please go.

And after you make your appointment, come back here. Because I have some other things to share with you in the days to come. Those scars have become my unexpected pathways to the peace that passes all understanding.  And I can't wait to tell you about it. 

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Anonymous said...

Thank you Melissa for sharing what so many of us have no knowledge of. I for one, until you were diagnosed with it. I see Melanoma cancer in a whole new light and it is scary. I thank God with all my heart your cancer was able to be removed before it had more time to spread. I realize your recovery is not over and complications still remain from the surgery but I am confident in our Lord's healing for you. Dad and I love you so much and praise God for you and your life daily.